What are you cooking?


BBQ Time: 10-15mins

Method: Cooking chicken breast on the barbie is very easy and straight forward. Cutting it into smaller strips is going to reduce cooking time, making it an ideal BBQ staple!

Season your strips with your preferred spices (salt and pepper are enough to begin with) and then place them on the BBQ. Cooking it for 5 to 8mins on each side will give the perfect chicken breast. The crispier you want it the longer you leave it on!


BBQ Time: 10min-3h(marinade)

Method: Chicken wings take slightly more time to cook if you are going to marinade them - which we recommend. Get your favourite marinade and place it in a bowl along with your wings, making sure to coat them perfectly. Leave them to marinade for at least a couple of hours.

When it comes to grilling time, remove your wings from the marinade and season them with salt and pepper before placing them on the grill. Cook for about 20mins each side. Keep checking the meat during cooking time to make sure it is evenly brown!


BBQ Time: 10-15mins

Method: As with any BBQ meat, you can use any seasoning or marinade to get the flavour that you want. Once you have coated the legs in your chosen spices/marinade place them on the grill. Turning regularly, they should be ready in 10 to 15mins, or until it's nice and golden! 


BBQ Time: 20-25mins

Method: Start off with marinating or seasoning the thighs with your chosen sauce/spices. Next, you're going to place the thighs on the BBQ, cooking them for 10-15mins on each side until golden. 


BBQ Time: 10-25mins

Method: Like with most cuts of meat, marinades are your best friends! For this one we really recommend marinating the tenderloin for some time, each marinates will require different timings so refer to a recipe for this one!

BBQ time is about 3min per each side - once the inside temp of the meat reaches 165 F(74 C) it is well done. Let the meat rest for 10mins on a cutting platter and then it's ready to be served!


BBQ Time: 1-1.5 h

Method: Ribs require a bit more preparation than your average BBQ meat. They have a membrane that needs to be removed before cooking, which can be easily done by using a knife to create an opening and then pulling it off (it helps to use a paper towel to gain some grip!). Slow cooking the ribs is the best way to do it without pre-cooking them in the oven. Make sure the temperature is low (preferably indirect heat) and cook it for 1-1 &1/2 hours. Make sure to keep turning it regularly and baste it with your chosen sauce! 


BBQ Time: 4-7h

Method: Pork belly is another slow cooker over indirect heat! You can cook it as is or make a rub for it for some extra flavour. You will also need a bbq with a thermometer for this one. Once the temperature gets to 150 - 180 degrees Celsius you can place the meat on the side with no charcoal underneath. Depending on the size of the pork belly it can take from 4h to 7h of cooking. Make sure to keep checking the temperature and once the internal temperature hits 170 degrees Celsius it should be done! 



BBQ Time: 1.5h

Method: For beef ribs, we recommend using your preferred rub to season. Once your grill has been pre-heated place it on the BBQ. Cooking it at 275 decrees Celsius for 45mins on each side will give you perfectly cooked ribs. Once removed from the grill make sure to rest them for 20 mins, covered up with tin foil. 


BBQ Time: depending on size

Method: To prep the tenderloin make sure to remove the silvery skin first by using the same technique as with pork ribs. Use a knife to separate it from the meat and a paper towel to grip it and pull it off. Once that is done you can cook it whole, or cut it into little steaks. If keeping whole, make sure to sear it until all sides are slightly browned, and then place it on the bbq over indirect heat until the meat's internal temperature hits 52 degrees Celsius. Once removed from the grill, leave it to rest for an additional 15minutes. 


BBQ Time: 10-15mins

Method: For your sirloin steak, olive oil, salt and pepper is enough for seasoning. Make sure you get your BBQ ready and pre-heat it. Once done place your steak on the barbie using a pair of tongs. Depending on thickness it can take from 5mins(1-inch) per side to 9mins(2-inches) per side. 




BBQ Time: 25-30mins

Method: The best way to cook a leg of lamb is to marinate it beforehand, whether it is for an hour or overnight, before placing it on the BBQ. Make sure the bbq is hot and sear the lamb until caramelised on both sides before moving it to the cooler part of the bbq to slow cook. Once the internal temp of the lamb leg reaches 60 degrees Celsius you've got a medium leg of lamb! It will normally take 25-30mins.

Loin Chops

BBQ Time: ~15mins

Method: Create a rub of your preference and marinate the lamb in it for 1-4 hours. After pre-heating your grill place the lamb on the BBQ, leaving it to cook for 3-4mins before flipping it over. For a more well done lamb, keep it on for an extra minute. Once it's done, place it on a plate and cover it with tin foil for 5 minutes before serving! 


BBQ Time: ~40mins

Method: For these ribs you will also need indirect heat. They will take around 20mins on each side with the lid of the bbq closed. Once they've slow cooked, turn the heat up and cook them on each side for an additional 4-5mins until nice and crispy. This is when you can also brush your lamb ribs with your chosen sauce! 


BBQ Time: ~3h

Method: This one is best for slow cooking on indirect heat to get the perfect taste. As with most meats, a rub is recommended for this one as well. Place your rub on the lamb breast and then put it on the BBQ. Cook for around 3 hours and flip it every 45mins or so.


BBQ Time: 10mins

Method: Courgettes can be prepared a in different ways, all depending on your preference! They can be sliced or cut in half and then placed on the BBQ. Make sure to season them with some olive oil and your chosen seasoning. Once placed on the BBQ, turn occasionally until tender. 


BBQ Time: 20mins

Method: Chop into quarters or halves and de-seed the peppers. Then oil them and season with salt and pepper before placing them on the barbie! Can't be easier than that. 


BBQ Time: 10-15mins

Method: For the tomatoes you'll need your basics again: oil, salt and pepper. Cut your tomatoes in half and make sure to brush with oil each side before placing it on the grill. Grill the tomatoes for 5min on each side and season after! 


BBQ Time: 15-20mins

Method: BBQed corn is one of our favourites and one of the easiest to grill! Place it on the grill and make sure to turn it frequently until evenly cooked. Add butter afterwards and salt to give it some flavour.


BBQ Time: 5-10mins

Method: To prepare your asparagus you need to brush them with some oil before placing them on the BBQ. Turn them regularly until evenly grilled and soft when picked up. Make sure to season them after! 


BBQ Time: 30-60mins

Method: Start off by washing your potatoes and covering them with olive oil and seasoning. Then, wrap them in two layers of aluminium foil before placing them on the barbie. Put the lid down and make sure to turn them a couple of times until done! Depending on the size of the potato it can take from 30mins up to an hour so make sure to keep checking them. 


BBQ Time: variable

Method: Generally all veggies can be cooked on the barbeque with some olive oil and salt and pepper. Time to grill does depend on the vegetable but once they have softened it is a good indicator they are done.