Celebrating the Weird and Wacky Barbecue

Whether it be out of a steam engine or from a globe there are some wacky ways to have your barbecue this summer. BBQ Tips have put together some of our favourite and unique grills and if one takes your fancy, maybe you could start barbecuing in style too.  

The Briefcase Barbecue

Briefcase barbecue

This portable barbecue caught our eye because of its slick design. This small briefcase opens to hold a cooking grate and an ash-catcher. It would be great for taking with you to a picnic or down to the beach or even to a business meeting. Could you get away with going to work with this briefcase?

Link to image and site here

A Toilet

bbq made from a toilet

Using your toilet as a beer cooler and as a barbecue is a clever idea but maybe not the most hygienic. The Glaswegian inventor of this unique grill even tried to sell the product on Facebook marketplace, with the listing showing it’s in ‘perfect working order’.

Would you use a toilet to grill your food?

Link to article here

A Globe

globe barbecue

This is certainly a unique way to use a globe; trying food from around the world on a barbecue that encompasses the whole world. This barbecue was designed and built in Australia as an environmentally friendly way to grill your food in style. We love this idea!

Link to the site here

The Death Star

the death star bbq

This Star Wars-themed barbecue is certainly an impressive way to cook your food. You could transform your back garden into a galaxy far far away with this clever design. This handcrafted steel barbecue would be an attraction for any garden party.

Link to site here

A pirate ship

a pirate ship barbecue

This image first appeared on Reddit with the proud craftsmen showing their fire pit to the world. It didn’t take long however, for followers to start coming up with ways for the ship to be used for grilling. Some people were even saying that the sails would be perfect for holding up lots of marshmallows.

We think it would be great for cooking up some burgers for everybody!

Link to Reddit page here

A steam engine

steam engine bbq

Lockdown boredom got to this person as he decided to transform his old, unused steam train into a barbecue. The builder of this wonderful grill even designed it so the smoke comes out through the train’s chimney. The person built this by finding old parts at scrap yards and it even sits on its own set of train tracks.

Watch the video here

A VW Beetle

This barbecue or ‘carbecue’ as it is known as, is a fantastic design. As well as a 3-burner gas grill, you can control the headlights, indicators, light spots, hidden LED lights and the music box from a remote controller. Once you’ve finished barbecuing, you can close the bonnet, and nobody would know that your Beetle was secretly a grill.

Link to site here

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