Wedding BBQ

When it comes to feeding guests on your special day, a BBQ probably isn’t the first idea that comes to mind. But for a wedding in the summer, this could be considered a creative and budget alternative in place of hiring an expensive catering company.

It also gives you a chance to be creative with your menu, instead of sticking to a set 3 course meal. Not many people associate burgers with weddings so here are some ideas of how to tailor it to a wedding theme!


Unique outdoor table decorations

A BBQ can be a classy affair with the right preparation. Here are some ideas of how to decorate your outdoor venue


Beer Barrel Bouquets
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These make a rustic, romantic and summery display, perfect to scatter around your tables to fit in with your BBQ theme.


Table Lanterns

The chances are, it will still be daylight when you are hosting your BBQ dinner. However, if you are feeling extra non-conforming, you could have your sit-down meal at dusk, making these lanterns a great decoration to light up any table.


Old books and floral arrangement
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For a vintage and authentic vibe, stack some vintage books in the center of the table. Add some flowers in a glass jar on top of them.


Bamboo plates
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Although convenient for your normal BBQ gathering, no one wants paper plates on their wedding day! Bamboo plates will add a unique feature to your day and go along with your alternative theme. You can also order these to be disposable, if you are looking for a casual dining experience.


Embroidered table runners
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These add texture to the table. Add some leafy greenery to the centerpiece to complete the Boho look.


Perfect venue ideas for your BBQ

Whether spring or summer, some perfect settings for a BBQ meal include:

A vineyard

An outdoors barn with a marquee

A farm

The beach – Hire a private part of the beach.


For a full list of recipe ideas to ensure all guests are catered for, click here. But If you don’t trust your friends to even fry an egg, BBQ tips have researched the best reviewed BBQ companies that specialize in wedding catering for your special day.


Dirty BBQ – Based in the South West

Flame BBQ – Reading

Nyama catering – Oxfordshire

The Meat Thief – Portsmouth

The Fat Pig – Exeter

Mr BBQ Man – Exmouth, Devon

The added bonus to MrBBQMan is that they claim to cover almost any location! And stating that on their website “We can even arrange a venue for you from our range of high quality and unique property partnerships, from castles to beaches and boats!


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