Warm Winter BBQ Drinks

Winter BBQ Drinks? Yep, you read the title correctly! BBQ’s aren’t just for the Summer! You can easily have a great BBQ outdoors in the colder months by making use of blankets and outdoor heaters. But what about, then, choosing the perfect drinks to serve up at your meal?


Tea is perfect way to ease your guests in to the meal. It is a guaranteed people pleaser and not too heavy on the stomach before a nice meal.

Hot Chocolate

This naturally delicious drink is perfect for serving towards the end of your meal as a sweet desert treat that’ll keep your guests warm. Mix things up and serve white chocolate hot chocolate, or try a brand new flavour.


Serve up coffee at the end of the evening for your guests to sip on as you play some card games and wind down the evening. We know people love drinking coffee after a meal out, but stay away from drinking too much caffeine by making a scrumptious cappuccino instead of a black coffee.

Mulled Wine

This drink is great around Christmas time to get your guests in the Christmas spirit and warming them up at the same time!


Similar to mulled wine, this drink will get your guests singing Christmas songs as quick as you can say ‘ho ho ho!’. Serve this treat warm to keep your guests from getting chilly.

Hot Buttered Rum

Want something different for your guests to try? Try this drink of spices, rum, butter, a sweetener and your choice between hot water or cider.

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