Valentine’s Day BBQ

Want to make Valentine’s Day this year a little different and extra special. Nothing beats a beautiful home cooked meal and we think you should get the BBQ out to take the romance up a notch.

Though we often associate BBQ’s with big parties and summer get togethers, some feel that it can’t be romantic. But what could be more romantic then someone grilling your favourite cut of meat or favourite veg?! And don’t forget to set the table nicely, add some flowers and candles but don’t forget the steak knife.

To really take your meal to the next level, it would be worth prepping the day before – especially if you want to use a marinade. Letting your meat sit in the marinade overnight will really pack a flavour punch on the night.

Next you need to pick your meat and/or veg. Our homemade burgers their favourite dish? Or does grilled halloumi make them happy? Have a think about your menu and plan ahead.

Here are some our favourite recipes to woo your partner.


Lobster Tails

Now we know this sounds super fancy but seafood doesn’t need to be intimidating. Lobster tails are surprisingly easy and look very impressive. This recipe from What Great Grandma Ate is delicious. Lemon and butter – what more do you want?



It’s always best to consult the BBQ bible if you need a bit of help with which steak to choose, especially when it is for a loved one. This handy guide from Steve Raichlen should be your first port of call.

Then when you’ve sorted which cut, next up is marinades. This is a great one.


Cauliflower Steak

If you are looking for something different and new to try then this recipe for BBQ Cauliflower steak with Chimichurri is exquisite.


Halloumi Burger

Halloumi Burgers are hands down one of that tastiest dishes you can make. The flavour combinations – halloumi, fresh avocado, mint, chilli and a squeeze of lime make this dish sing. Recipe from Delicious Magazine.


And if you are stuck for ideas then again consult the BBQ Bible’s Valentine’s Menu which has resulted in a proposal or two!!

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