Unique BBQs for Unique Individuals

We know BBQs are already an exciting way to have dinner,but did you know they can be even more exciting? From BBQs in re-worked car engines, to the inside of a dragons mouth, take a look at this gallery of some of what we think are the best BBQs out there! We searched the internet and here are our favourite finds:

Dragon – If, like a lot of us here at Kiwi, you’re a big GOT fan, gathering around this dragon BBQ would be great fun.

Round BBQ – This is a favourite of ours for the ability to allow many people to help cook. It also has a lot of room, meaning you can cook more at once.

Green car – Vintage car fan? Check out this beauty. Being so close to Goodwood, we feel its only natural we include a few reworked car BBQs.

Floating BBQ – Imagine floating down a gentle river and eating your favourite BBQ snacks. I don’t think we need to explain why we loved this one so much.

Car Engine – Another one for the car lovers out there – how flashy does this look?

Steam Train – This isn’t one for the average garden, but would definitely be a conversation starter!

Dragon – This unique BBQ is unlike any others. It’s enough to be an art piece by itself.

Vintage Car – A full sized car and a BBQ in one – doesn’t get much more unique than that!

Globe – This one is for the globe trotters among you, as well as those who want a fancy BBQ but don’t have enough room in their garden for a huge vintage car BBQ.

Barrel – A fan of shaby chic? This unusual BBQ will blend in well with the rest of your shaby chic furniture.The cool thing is: it doesn’t even look like a BBQ when shut.

Racing Car – Like the car BBQ idea but want something a bit more modern? Check out this flame-painted racing car BBQ.

Large round BBQ – This BBQ is a favourite of ours because you can cook a lot at once. It’s also super easy to see if your food is done cooking, and looks interesting too.



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