Our Top Five Store Bought Marinades

Sometimes you get home after work or a day out with that kids and you don’t want to have to spend time making a marinade, then letting it sit and finally cooking. To help try and make your BBQ’s easier we have put together a list of the 5 best store-bought marinades that we think are brilliant!

meat lust - katsu curry sauce
1. Meat Lust – Katsu Curry Sauce

This Katsu Curry Sauce is a great choice for those curry lovers out there. This sauce is fruity and spicy and has soya notes. This goes brilliantly with either chicken breasts or pork fillets. This marinade can be bought in most supermarkets for around £2.50.


Peri-Peri Rub

2. Nando’s Peri-Peri Rub

If you’re a big Nando’s lover then this peri peri rub is an amazing supermarket buy. Simply massage the rub into meat of your choice (though we think this works best with chicken) and then quickly add it to the BBQ and voila you’re done. Can be made and cooked in under 20 minutes. Found in most supermarkets for around £1.


Frank's Red Hot Wing's

3. Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Wings

If you have been lucky enough to try real ‘American Wings’ then this sauce will not disappoint. Simply add to chicken wings for a real authentic taste. The America dream in a bottle!

4. Schwartz Marinade in a Bag – Honey and Soy

This marinade in a bag makes a BBQ even easier. All you need to do is add up 900g of meat to the bag (provided) zip it up and give it a shake and leave for 15 minutes, but for best result we advise marinating the meat overnight for a more intense flavour. This marinade offers an Asian infusion to your BBQ, with a sweet under note.

Blue Dragon Original Sweet Chilli Sauce

5. Blue Dragon Original Sweet Chilli Sauce

This classic sweet chilli sauce has a rich blend of red chillies and garlic that are inspired by the vibrancy of modern Asia. This marinade tastes best with beef and chicken dishes. This household favourite is available in almost every supermarket with prices varying.

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