Tomahawk Steak

Not many things can really compare to the pride and joy you feel during the first moments of your child’s life, apart from watching your Tomahawk steak sear to perfection on the grill, now that is a different kind of pride and joy.

There’s nothing better knowing you have created a masterpiece, kind of, (we’re talking about the steak here by the way!)

One of the main differences from a normal piece of steak to a tomahawk steak is the bone that protrudes from the tomahawk steak. A ribeye steak, for example, has the meat with no bone and is much smaller. A tomahawk usually weighs a lot more and are usually more than two inches thick.

A tomahawk steak is visually astounding too. It is a high-quality piece of meat that fills us with excitement for when the meat sears with all those juices falling off the knife. Just gorgeous.

Here’s all you’ll need to create a masterpiece…


1 tomahawk steak



Barbecue rub

Olive oil

Serves: 4

Prep time: 3 mins  

Cook time: 8 mins  

Difficulty level: 2/10


  1. Get your steak onto a clean surface and drizzle plenty of olive oil on both sides.
  2. Sprinkle some salt and pepper onto both sides of the steak.
  3. Do the same with the barbecue rub, adding as much or as little as you would like.
  4. Now we grilled each side of the steak for 8 mins. This is longer than usual as our cuts of steak were quite thick. This also is enough time for the rub to caramelise into the steak whilst it is cooking.
  5. Ready to cut and dish out.

We also added some sides of a potato salad and a few leftover sausages – cooked on the grill too.

All were scrumptious and simple to make leaving no member of BBQ tips hungry!

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