Themed BBQ Buffoonery!

Half way through the summer and already on your 10th BBQ of the last two months? Feel like changing up your regular BBQ for something a bit different? We’ve been there. It’s time to try a themed BBQ!

A Winning Wimbledon BBQ

Why not make use of some of the special events going on in Britain this summer and use one as a theme for your next BBQ? Wimbledon is always a great choice. Here are our suggestions for a fun tennis themed event.

  • Put lots of tennis balls into glass vases and use them as table decorations

  • Use a tennis court design table cloth (they are a thing!) or use a green table cloth to add to the theme
  • Hang tennis rackets from trees in a funky way of adding decoration to your garden
  • Use large inflatable tennis balls as a fun game that everyone can join in with, even pets! Check out one here
  • Go with the British theme and make red, blue and white ice lolly’s or pots of strawberries and cream

Wild Western Fun

A BBQ theme idea that is bound to go down well with the kids is a Western theme. Fun for adults and children alike, bring out your silly side with this unusual BBQ idea.

  • Ask guests to dress up and do their best cowboy impression. Guests can come in cowboy boots and hats and walk like a cowboy for a day
  • Use bandannas as decorations. Bandannas are an easy way of accessorizing your BBQ by throwing them over tables or wrapping them around cutlery
  • Mess with your friends by putting ‘Wanted’ posters up around the garden with various guests’ faces on
  • Use tiny cowboy hats as bottle covers. These will keep flies out of drinks whilst maintaining the western vibe
  • Put various cereals and corn into pots to be labelled as ‘horse feed pots’. Similarly, label foods with wild west related jargon. Instead of Rice Krispie squares, you have miniature hay bales. Eggs are no longer just plain old eggs, they’re farm fresh eggs!

Movie Marathon BBQ

Putting films on during your BBQ is an easy way to keep guests from getting bored. Invest in a projector and large screen, and host your own outdoor movie marathon nights!

  • Ask guests to come dressed as their favourite film star/character
  • Place pillows and blankets around the garden so your guests can sit and get comfortable as they enjoy your food and watch movies
  • Use lanterns to allow guests to continue eating as it gets darker – bigger lights may ruin the move-theatre atmosphere
  • Place a ‘red carpet’ along pathways or the entrance to your garden
  • Have a popcorn station where guests can fill up little paper bags with their favourite flavour of popcorn
  • Use film themed puns to name your food, such as ‘Darth tator’ for potatos, or ‘These are a few of my favourite wings’ for chicken wings. Put the names on signs next to the food to give your guests a laugh
  • Use directors boards (wooden clappers) and chalk to leave signs for guests, such as where the toilets are


Now, with all those ideas good to go, check out some recipes here to pick the best food to go with your chosen theme!