The Perfect BBQ Jacket Potatoes

Everyone loves a good jacket potato, eh? Who doesn’t? The tricky thing is that everyone has a different favourite topping for a jacket potato. So how do you combat this dilemma? Here’s our solution: A jacket potato topping bar!

Neatly lay out all of the most popular toppings on a table for your guests to help themselves to their hearts content. We recommend ensuring the table is full with: Sweetcorn, coleslaw, cheese, beans, tuna, prawns, curry, and salad. The rest is up to you! Be sure to have salt and pepper on the table too, or your bound to have some grumpy guests!

You could even prepare a few delicious jackets in advance and display them on the toppings table. This way, if your guests aren’t sure what they fancy, they have a model to go by.

Here are some pictures we found on the internet for inspiration.

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