The History Behind BBQ’s…

BBQ’s are a summer favourite for most cultures and countries and that got us here at BBQ Tips thinking… Where did the BBQ start?

So where did it all start?

As we probably all know cooking over an open fire isn’t a new thing and this method has been in use since the Neanderthals (who evolved from Homo Erectus) some 250,000 years ago. However, evidence of cooking over a fire within our own species with pots and pans is only thought to of evolved around 20,000 years ago in where we know today as China.


                                                                                       Original pots, dating back some 20,000 years


Since then when has the term ‘barbecue’ evolved from?

The truth is no one is 100% sure where the term ‘barbeque’ evolved from or when. The first evidence we have is back in the 17th and 18th century where the Spanish, who had settled in Caribbean referred to the natives’ method of slow-cooking meat over a wooden platform as ‘barbacoa’.

These methods of cooking where then taken over to the established American South in the 19th century. Because pigs were rife in the region, pork became the primary meat at barbecues. Corn bread emerged as the side dish of choice, owing largely to the fact that in humid Southern climates, corn grew better than wheat which was prone to fungal infections.


How have things changed?

Over the next 200 years barbecuing has become increasingly popular with all types of meats and vegetables being cooked on a wide variety of BBQs. BBQ’s have been developed so that we no longer have to build a fire pit and a wooden platform.

Nowadays there are wide choice of BBQ to choose from including tiny portable BBQ’s to big, large wood burning pizza ovens that cannot be moved. BBQ’s are now also made in a large selection of materials such as Stainless Steel and Cast Iron. We have also developed a wide choice of store bought marinades and meats that are specifically made for barbecuing. We can also choose from a wide choice of barbecuing tools to make the process even easier.


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So maybe next time you have a BBQ, think about how long people have really been barbecuing…