The Big Meat


It’s another Bank Holiday weekend on August 25th and 26th and while we are all hoping for bright, sunny weather, BBQ Tips are excited to say that our Brendon is going somewhere special that weekend. Brendon will be attending The Big Meat Festival. (Tickets now available)

The Big Meat is a family friendly event that brings together BBQ enthusiasts from around the globe to cook up some of the best BBQ food you’ll ever taste. The festival started in 2015 when James and Leo came up with the idea. After they announced their plans on the internet and after the 3 months The Big Meat went live!

Now three years on the event spans the weekend and is held on a large farm just outside Farnham in Surrey. The event has live music,where this year there will be a wide variety of performers, such as the likes of Steve Conway, a vintage style vocalist who has sung regularly at Wembley for match days and also for Toby Alderweireld’s wedding in Antwerp ! Then you have Susana Silva, who’s style is indefinable,Why? Because when she raises the microphone stand and opens her mouth, everybody is too distracted by the sheer scale of her talent to really notice what “box” she fits into. Also there will be a BBQ Competition, a variety of cooking demos, shopping stalls, some of the best BBQ food stalls from around the world and fun for the kids to do! what could be better?

UK Chilli Cook-off association

This year’s festival will also include the UK Chilli Cook-Offs. Starting in late 2012, this brings real chilli lovers together to cook their best chilli’s.

Each team has to produce a gallon of Chilli Con Carne and only has 4 hours!

People attending the festival can buy a spoon for just £3 and sample all the different flavours and then vote for their favourite. The winning team will then qualify for the World Chilli Championships in Alabama, USA! And the best thing is, that money raised from sales will go to charities.

Head over to their website to check out all the good work that they’ve done so far.

James and Leo, who have been joined by food blogger Tom who has sad the festival is meant to be bigger than ever!

Buy tickets Here Have fun Brendon!

In the mean time head over to the tutorials page for how to video’s…