Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve had some wonderful sunny weather, which is really starting to make it feel like summer, and with the summer months fast approaching BBQ season really is coming upon us. With this in mind here’s some tips for your perfect summer BBQ party!


1. Check that your BBQ is clean and sparkling to give your food the best possible taste you can. For some tips on how to do so quickly within 15 minutes click here.

2. Create your perfect menu!

Try and keep it as simple as possible with quick and easy recipes to keep stress levels down. We suggest some of simple recipes such as:





Always make sure that you have something for your vegetarian and vegan friends!




Also try and make a few side dishes to give people as many options as you can.






For more options check out all the recipes available on our website.

3. Create a playlist. Nothing is worse than when conversations might dry up and there’s nothing in the background or even having to go back to your speakers to constantly make sure the songs you like are playing.

4. Make simple labels for dips, salad, cold pastas and any meats you have with lollipop sticks to give your guests a better idea of what’s going on.

Image result for popsicle stick condiments labels

5. Make sure your garden is clean and ready for party preparations to avoid stress the day before, it allows you to do a lot of prep the day before leaving you stress-free on the day!

6. If you’ve got younger children coming think about getting a few bits of equipment for Lawn games to keep them entertained and hopefully make them less annoying for their parents.

Good ideas are: 





7. Make sure that you have a selection of drinks. Try getting cordials and mixing them with sparkling water or lemonade to try and save a bit of money. You can always ask guests to bring a few of their own drinks.

8. Make sure you have good lighting if you’re having it in the later afternoon to early evening. If you don’t have anything already, fairy lights are a brilliant option as they’re cheap, can stretch for many metres and can come in all sorts of pretty designs. For the best options try your local supermarkets and garden centres. The best thing is they can simply be added around your trees and fences and you can choose.

Image result for fairy lights BBQ


Finally enjoy yourself and try not to spend too much time worrying about food. You’ll enjoy yourself more once all the cooking is done and you can just flow around and catch up with all your friends and family.

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