Summerhouse Serenity

A summerhouse can be the perfect place to get some much needed peace and quiet. It can also be a great place to host some friends and family during a BBQ! There are so many beautiful summerhouse designs out there to choose from. Here are some of our favourite!

If you’re thinking of making a large investment in your garden, take a look at this 7 x 10 Ft summerhouse. It features an adorable terrace and large window in the front. It is high quality, Georgian-themed, and environmentally friendly.

Depending on your budget, you may be willing to splash out on a totally unique summerhouse. This ‘Farmers Cottage’ is a round and rotating assembly which seats up to 7 guests. The 5 acrylic windows allow you to enjoy the view of your beautiful garden, whilst a front canopy shields you from any winds.

If you want somewhere for sitting and eating instead of lounging, check out this 7 x 7 Ft summerhouse. The feature comes in 3 sizes, so that you can pick the perfect size for the addition to your garden.

For those of you wanting something even larger, take a look at this. This 11 x 10 Ft house features an overhanging roof for shelter, as well as Scandinavian spruce/Nordic pine. It is designed with large windows and doors to allow you a good view of your scenery.

For a more open-plan design, try this pavilion. This unusual more open-plan alternative to a summerhouse is bound to catch your guests eye at your next BBQ.

Got a summerhouse of your own already? Getting one put in? Send us a picture to our Instagram here!

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