Reasons to BBQ this Christmas

For many of us Christmas food is a firm tradition. Even small changes lead to some epic debate between family members.

Crack out the barbie – It’s Christmas!

Do we veto the Turkey for a Goose? Shall we try a nut roast? Do the parsnips really need to be honey glazed? The list is endless!


And so, we present to you, a simpler option – BBQ your Christmas dinner.



Here is a list of the reasons why you should consider a Christmas Day BBQ:


  1. Christmas is a family celebration


The family celebration can be combined well with food, lots of food. Is there anything else to do on Christmas day then eat? And there really is no better way to socialise with friends and family than with a BBQ. We do it in the Summer – so why not in the Winter? Do not be a fair-weather BBQ practitioner, broaden your horizon!


  1. Everything is possible 


No matter if you want to eat vegan or vegetarian, steak or fish – everything is possible and that’s the great thing about it. You can even do the turkey on a BBQ! Check out our turkey recipe here.


  1. It frees up the Kitchen


On Christmas day, in our household the kitchen tends to be strictly out of bounds. One very stressful mother trapped under a mountain a sprout and potato peels, yearning to be a part of the festivities and a bitter family, unable to dig around in the kitchen for extra smoked salmon, left over from the morning’s bucks’ fizz and bagel breakfast.


  1. Everyone gets involved! 


Say a cheery goodbye to Christmas day cabin fever and enjoy the great outdoors, with everyone wrapped up warm, huddled around the BBQ and enjoying true family time – everyone can have a go at contributing to the annual Christmas feast!


Below, we have rounded up a few tips and ideas to make the most of your barbecue this season and enjoy a unique twist on a traditional day.


It’s not just about the food when you’re hosting a barbecue in the colder climate. There are a few things you might need to consider, to keep the atmosphere warm and cosy.


Setting the mood


  • Set up chairs around the barbecue itself to stay warm – we’re thinking campfire vibes here. The crisp weather calls for huddling around a camp fire or in this case…a barbecue! Set up all your chairs around the barbecue for your guests to gather together and keep them warm while they wait for their food. This is additionally great for the cook since it keeps them at the grill while being able to socialise and spend time with guests.


  • Get your aesthetics on point – Once you’ve set up the seating you might want to think about making the setup of your barbecue a little warmer and cosier. Candles or fairy lights can be a fantastic addition to create that warm, snug atmosphere.


  • Keep your guests’ cosy and warm – With all these different ways of making it feel warmer and cosier, one thing you might want to add is the physical comfort factor. Throw some sheets, cushions on the chairs and grab a few blankets and shawls for your guests to stay warm.



What’s on the grill?


  • Every season has its own flavour and palette of spices, herbs, and ingredients. Make the most out of the autumn season by infusing aromas and spices that compliment your barbecue menu and adding an extra twist.


  • Pre-cook food that may take longer than others – Plan ahead by pre-cooking or semi-cooking any meat or vegetables that may need to be cooked longer than others. Tip: Bake your potatoes before your guests arrive and then warm up and grill on the barbecue.


  • Try some new flavours for the season – With all those gorgeous and rich winter flavours and yes you guessed it: lots of spices. Try and incorporate some new spices into your all-time favourite dishes to grill. Throw a pinch of paprika, nutmeg, or black pepper for that extra aroma; maybe even some chilli powder or cayenne pepper for an extra kick!


  • Take advantage of the season– The autumn/winter season is no stranger to beautiful colours and crisp climates, but it’s also got a fantastic set of fruits and vegetables available. Get the most out of your barbecue with in-season fruit and veg like pumpkin, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, and many others!


  • Pick food that is easy to cook – there’s nothing worse than having friends over for dinner and spending all your time by the grill. Choose things that are easy to cook so you have more time to socialise and be with your friends and family.


  • Expand your menu – get your barbecue meats more in tune with the spices of the season. While steaks, sausages and burger patties are more of your typical summer choices, pick meats that your warm, seasonal spices will compliment lamb and turkey.


  • Get your guests involved in dessert – Crack out the marshmallows and get involved with making s’mores. Opt for a dessert that is fun and interactive for everyone. Grab a few sticks and get your guests involved in making their dessert.



If you’re looking for some ideas on what to throw on the grill, check out some of our fantastic Winter BBQ recipes.


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