Outdoor Storage

The tricky topic of outdoor storage… So you’ve got yourself the perfect BBQ set up, consisting of loads of cute garden accessories, and everything else you need for a BBQ event. The question is, then, where do you store it all? We’ve made your life easier, with this list of our favourite outdoor storage ideas.

Convenient and affordable: This storage box can store all sorts of bits and bobs from your garden, and is durable and easy to assemble too!

Big and spacious: If you need something bigger to fit all of your things in, try this container. The 4 x 3Ft plastic storage space is great for storing larger items such as wheelie bins.

Stylish and trendy: For the style-conscious amongst you, this wicker storage box is perfect. It is available in two different sizes, and offers a great place to put your garden items, as well as looking pretty.

Unique and useful: This unusual storage space by Kingfisher has an eye-catching design and features a great place to store the wood/coal for your BBQ.

Alternatively, check out these do-it-yourself, rustic style ways of organising your garden accessories. They offer a special way to put your things away, as well as being decor themselves!    

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