Outdoor Cooking In All Of Its Glorious Forms

At BBQ tips, we are passionate advocates of all forms of outside cooking. This doesn’t limit us to the BBQ (although that is our preference!). Trying out various styles to cook outdoors can be an exciting addition to your BBQ event. We present to you:

Pizza Ovens

Everyone loves pizza, surely? Why not add a new and exciting aspect to  your outdoor cooking by investing in a pizza oven? Think of all of the tasty pizzas you could impress your friends by cooking.

Not a fan of pizza? No problem! (Although we are surprised). It isn’t just pizza that you can create with a pizza oven. You can cook vegetables too! Simply place them in the center of the oven on a vegetable dish with a basic drip pan. Flavour the veggies to your taste!

Fish? In a pizza oven? Surely not! Who knew that you could cook salmon beautifully in a pizza oven? Well, you do now! Grab some cedar wood and your salmon and you’re good to go and get cooking.

Corn on the Cob: Cook corn on the cob in your pizza oven by soaking them beforehand to prevent them from burning, and then placing them on the floor of the oven. Turn them frequently, and make sure you don’t let them burn!

You can cook steak in pizza ovens too. Yep, you heard us right. Steak in a pizza oven. All you need to do is get a rack to hold the steaks over the flame, drizzle oil on both sides, and flavour to your liking.

You can adjust the heat of your pizza oven to cook almost anything. So go get trying! Send us your pics of the tasty meal you’ve created using your pizza oven here, and we might post them on our pages!

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