A delicately flavoured sausage of coarse pork, salt, pepper and marjoram.

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cooking Time: 20 minutes

Serves: 4+


Use Beef and Pork Belly to the ratio of 30/70.

Add the following herbs and spices, per kilo of meat;

20g Fine Salt

2g Ground White Pepper

0.5g Mace

0.5g Nutmeg

1g Marjoram

Thin sheep sausage casing


Mince the meat through a 6mm or 4.5mm plate and add all spices and salt. Mix well before passing through the mincer a second time.

The mixture will now be ready to stuff into the sausage skins. Nurnbergers are usually in a really thin casing such as an 18/20mm, but you could also use a 20/22mm or 22/24mm Sheep Casing, or alternatively use a collagen casing 19mm or 21mm.

When all the sausage meat has been run through the sausage stuffer, it’s time to form the sausages. Tie a knot on each end. Squeeze some space between each link and twist 5-7 times until you have the desired number of links.

Heat a large pot filled with water to approx. 80-90°C – just below boiling point. Place the sausages in the water and poach them for about 15-20 minutes. Less if you used sheep casing, as recommended.


Now the sausages are ready for the BBQ!

Serve in a bun with some mustard and sauerkraut and enjoy.

Want the real deal? You can order them online via https://germandeli.co.uk/936-nurnberger-wurstel.html


Recipe Sourced From WeSchenfelder

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