Mother’s Day BBQ

Want to do something different this Mother’s Day? How about a Mother’s Day BBQ?

Depending on your mother’s tastes, decorate the garden in a way that she would love. Then cook her up her favourite treats on the barby!

Here are our Mother’s Day BBQ tips:

  • Use her favourite tunes as the BBQ soundtrack
  • Gather the family to play her favourite games (apple bobbing, twister, whatever takes her fancy!)
  • Decorate the table with a cloth in her favourite colour/design
  • Lay out a dessert table with all of her favourite sweet treats
  • Tie ribbons in her favourite colour around trees in the garden
  • Decorate the garden in your favourite pictures of you and your mother
  • Set a scavenger hunt for her to find her gifts – leave clues around the garden leading her to where she can find them
  • If it’s chilly, make sure you have blankets available to stop the shivers!
  • Play Mr and Mrs! – This is a favourite of ours at the BBQ Tips office. It’s a great way to get the family chatting and laughing
  • If you have a projector, play her favourite movies on the screen

Happy Mother’s Day!

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