Maintain Your BBQ To Perfection

Now that you’ve learnt all about how to maintain your BBQ to a good standard, you might be willing to invest some more time into keeping it in the best shape possible. We’ve compiled a few of our favourite secrets to success when it comes to keeping your BBQ looking new.

  • Check out the website of the brand of your BBQ: Most BBQ brands will have their own tips and directions as to how best to clean and maintain that specific BBQ on their website. Many even have BBQ-cleaning products of their own for sale.
  • Remove moisture and debris from your BBQ by wiping it over with a damp cloth whilst it’s still warm: This will help to eliminate the risk of carbonised grease build-up.
  • When cleaning metal or painted surfaces, clean with a side-to-side motion: Clean painted surfaces with soapy water, and polish with a mild glass-cleanser and a lint-free rag. When it comes to the metal parts BBQ, use a stainless-steal cleaner. Clean these surfaces with side-to-side motion in the direction of the metal grain. After that’s complete, buff the surfaces until they are shiny.
  • For gas burners, brush across the width, not the length: This will avoid pushing debris from one whole to another.
  • To remove large grease deposits, use a flat metal tool: A putty knife or paint scraper will be great for this task.

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