Lamb stir fry

Making a stir fry is a delicious and easy meal to make. While chicken and beef are the usual choices for a stir fry, this week we’ve mixed it up and gone for lamb stir fry instead. It’s still simple to do and is still just as good, if not even better than a classic beef or chicken stir fry. This is definitely one of our favourite recipe of the weeks of recent times.

Stir fry is always a healthier and cheaper option than getting a Chow Mein from a Chinese takeaway. In most cases it’s even quicker to make than it would be for you to wait for it! What’s to dislike?

Obviously, we had to barbecue the lamb and, as a huge lover it, our founder Brendon gave it the seal of approval! (Lamb is his most treasured type of meat)

To quote Brendon: “This really surpassed my expectations of you guys! I have to admit you smashed the lamb; a big thumbs up from me!”

Compliments are hard to come by from him these days so he must have impressed… Anyway, enough rambling on, here’s the ingredients and method you will need to follow to our recipe of the week.


You can buy prepackaged Mediterranean style vegetables, or you will need red onion, courgette, peppers.

Bean sprouts (1 pack)

Egg noodles (1 pack)

Lamb loin


Hibiscus salt – This salt tastes a bit fruity, yet savoury and is made from dried hibiscus flowers and sea salt. 

Soy sauce

Olive oil (You will need this if you haven’t got your vegetables pre-packaged together.)

Serves 2

Prep time 10 mins

Cooking time 25 -30 mins


  1. To start with we got our lamb loin and scored it on each side then drizzled some olive oil, again on both sides.
  2. Now you will need to generously sprinkle your hibiscus salt on both sides of the loin, then do the same with the pepper. We don’t really need to add normal table salt to this because we don’t want it to be too salty.
  3. Whilst you wait for your grill to get to a medium to high heat, get your Mediterranean vegetables and bean sprouts into a pan and fry for around 3-4 minutes. If you haven’t got prepackaged veg then you will need to add your own olive oil into the pan.
  4. On a separate hob, cook your noodles.
  5. Once the noodles are cooked you would usually add these to the pan with the veg and soy sauce for it to cook for a few minutes longer, but not everyone we catered for liked soy sauce, so we did these separate.
  6. Now get your lamb loin on the barbecue. each side should need around 3 and a half to 4 minutes if you want the meat to be rare. Adjust the timings slightly depending on how you would like your lamb.
  7. When your lamb is done to your liking, let it rest for around 3 minutes. While waiting, add your noodles and veg all in the same pan.
  8. Cut your lamb using a meat chopping board and then serve up your lamb stir fry!

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