How to have the perfect Beach BBQ

You might be planning to take advantage of the sunny weather and head to the beach for a BBQ, or you might just want to get outside in your own garden! Either way, we’re right there with you.

We’ve been enjoying the sun the best way we know how: getting outside for a BBQ! Since the weather has been nothing short of beautiful recently, we’ve managed to try out different tips and ideas for having the perfect beach BBQ. Here’s what we learnt!

  1. You’re going to need more than just one blanket. Unless you have a spare fold up table laying around, it would be a good idea to bring a second blanket – one for you to sit on and another for food! The second blanket will come in especially handy if you’re bringing some nibbles and food that people can grab at their leisure like a buffet. The first time we had a beach BBQ, we ended up getting some very sandy bread rolls and cramming everything on to one tiny plate because we had no-where else to put it! It sounds obvious, but trust us, it will help.
  2. Bring boxes for leftovers. Another thing that is easily forgotten, is that although we are sure your food will go down a treat, there will probably be leftovers! How many times have you ended up wrapping food in napkins, only to have it spill out into your bag anyway? Save the waste and bring some containers to hold the food in until you get home.
  3. Side nibbles are important, too. One thing that makes outdoor dinners so great is the array of different foods to choose from. When planning a trip to the beach for a BBQ, it’s easy to remember the main dishes, and completely forget (or be a little lazy) when it comes to sides and desserts! These dishes can really make or break a meal, so remember to bring something to look pretty next to the burger on your plate.
  4. Don’t forget the hand sanitizer. When you’re out at the beach, you’re likely to be getting your hands a bit dirty and dusty. Either bring with you cutlery, or make sure you pack some hand sanitizer. The last thing you want is to not be able to eat because your hands are all mucky, and end up having to trek to the closest washrooms whilst your food gets cold!
  5. Bring vegetarian/vegan options! Remember that even though you may not have any dietary requirements, you may have guests that do. These are equally as important at beach BBQs as at-home BBQs. You don’t want your guests ending up heading to a local cafe for food instead, so make sure you remember any dietary requirements they may have and prepare in advance.

If you’ve got any of your own tips or tricks for hosting the perfect beachy bbq, let us know over on Facebook, here!

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