How to get started with your first BBQ!

Are you new to BBQs? Or do you just want to go through the basics again? Then you’ve come to the right place! In this article we are going to go help you decide which BBQ and tools are best for you.

Barbecuing is quite an easy and straightforward affair. Anything can be cooked on the BBQ, so it’s a great way to switch up your meals!

What BBQs should you buy?

BBQs can be placed into 2 main categories: a gas BBQ and a charcoal BBQ. So, what are the differences between the two?

The main differences are temperature control, pre-heating, and taste.

If you’d want to be able to control the temperature you’re cooking at, then a gas BBQ is what you’re looking for. The downside of charcoal BBQs is getting the right temperature, which requires pre-heating. While gas barbecues don’t give you the smokiest outcome, it is still close enough to charcoal BBQs.

For a real experience, charcoal barbeques will give you that uncontrollable fire that you wouldn’t see with a gas one – so it really boils down to what kind of experience you want to have.

Now, let’s talk prices. Gas BBQs are often more expensive than charcoal ones due to the amount of control you have when cooking. Your choice of BBQ depends heavily on the size you’re going to need and the time you will have on your hands. There is also the option to get a gas and charcoal BBQ, however as a beginner we don’t recommend it.

What tools do you need?

To begin with there are only a few tools you’ll be needing – some of which you may already have at home!

Long-handled tongs are no. 1 on our list, which are perfect for flipping the meat. Next in line is a spatula, also used to flip your food – such as burgers which can’t be flipped by tongs.

If you’re going to be using sauces on your food, a silicone brush is perfect to add flavour while cooking!

How to choose the right recipe

Choosing the right recipe can make or break your meal. The best to start with is simple recipes that don’t involve complicated grilling instructions – so we’re talking burgers, sausages and poultry. If you’re vegetarian or vegan, you can cook any veggies on the BBQ as well as meat alternatives.

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