Summer is here!! and that means, bbq’s, cocktails, friends and fun, which is great, but for those of us looking to watch those extra pounds, the words ‘bbq’ can be quite daunting!

Here at BBQ Tips, we are offering you some low calorie, low fat options so you can enjoy your summer evenings and still achieve your slimming goals. BBQ’s don’t have to be a meat feast, there are a world of other foods out there, from corn on the cob to vegetable skewers, tofu and Quorn to grilled halloumi and more!  there are plenty of non-meat options to pop on the grill, and don’t forget to include a range of healthy salads to accompany your dishes. Make salads the star of the show by beefing them up with lots of veg, fruit, beans, herbs, seeds and spices. You’ll be wondering why you ever bothered with the simple salads, so often sniffed at.


Healthy Options


  •  Marinated chicken, be it a whole spatchcock chicken, or just drumsticks, these make a great tasting, healthier alternative to your banger and burgers. Experiment with different marinades to see which you prefer.
  • Seafood – Prawns, clams, mussels can all be cooked on the bbq, just use tinfoil or a tray to rest them on, add a  splash of white wine and some herbs and you’re golden.
  • Fish – Often overlooked as bbq food but i have never understood why! swordfish steak, tuna steak are just as good as meat steaks on a bbq. My first experience of swordfish steak was actually straight off a bbq on the beach in Portugal, when I was 8 years old! that shows how good it was for me to remember that moment many, many years on. traditional fish is equally as good, for example, cod cooked in tinfoil, with lemon is a simple, beautiful dish, or lemon pesto for added punch! the possibilities are endless and they’re all healthier options.
  • Vegetables – from roasted directly as they are, to adding them to skewers, making a medley and putting in tinfoil, corn on the cob, stuffed peppers and mushrooms, it’s about getting creative with food, don’t be afraid to let loose.
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