Grilled halloumi & vegetable salad

There is nothing like the smell of a BBQ that give you those summer vibes! Well actually yes there is, the sight of a perfectly presented flavorsome salad. However, this is not just any old salad… This is a BBQ Tips grilled halloumi & vegetable salad (with some leftover roast chicken).

Many hear the word “salad” and dismiss it due to the bland lettuce leaves, cucumber, and tomato image we create in our minds. But if that’s the case, then you’re doing it all the wrong. With a salad, you can get creative! Why not spice it up?! A salad can be a healthy, delicious and filling meal all at the same time.

This is exactly why this grilled halloumi & vegetable salad has been chosen for BBQ Tips’ recipe of the week. If you’re having trouble thinking of things to have in your salad, then follow this guide and you’ll have lots of tasty flavours in your mouth with no complaints.

This is what we did with our salad…


1 Block of halloumi

3 peppers (Red, green, orange)

1 large mushroom

1 Lettuce

Olive oil

A small pack of cherry tomatoes

Salt & Pepper

1 Spring onion

1 Apple (Trust us!)

We also added some left-over roast chicken. If you happen to have some left-over too, then we thoroughly recommend, but it isn’t essential for this recipe.

Serves: 4

Prep time: 10 mins

Cook time: 10 mins

Difficulty level: 2/10


  1. First, slice your halloumi. Shapes and sizes are completely up to you. Cover these in olive oil with dashes of salt and pepper too. Add these to a big plate of all the things you are going to be placing on the BBQ.
  2. On a serving board, add some pre-cut lettuce head to form the base of the salad.
  3. Now cut up the remainder of leftover roast chicken (Optional).
  4. Slice up the peppers, mushroom, spring onion and apple and add to the plate ready for the BBQ. A sensible amount of olive oil should be drizzled on each ingredient with sprinkles of salt and pepper added too.
  5. Place the cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, spring onion and apple on the grill and leave for around 10 minutes, turning around every 2 and a half minutes.
  6. After around 3 minutes add your halloumi on, this should take around 5 minutes to cook, make sure it is brown in places on both sides.
  7. After 10 minutes, your vegetables (and apple) and halloumi should be ready. If you want crispier results let them cook for a little longer but this is up to your own personal tastes.
  8. Place all cooked food back onto the plate and then into the kitchen and carefully place your cooked veg onto the serving board. (Some of our cherry tomatoes rolled off so be careful not to lose any!)
  9. A little drizzle of olive oil to finish it off and it is ready to dig into.

The addition of apple was good and gave the salad a little sweet sensation which we wouldn’t usually go for but was very well received by those who ate it!

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