Getting to Know BBQ Tips

BBQ Tips is celebrating the launch of their brand-new website, and we’d love to introduce you to the BBQ Master – Brendon Cook, and our sponsors – Henning’s Wine and Barnyard Butchers!

Brendon is a fun and energetic person who has a real passion for barbecuing, being a native Kiwi, barbecuing comes naturally to him. Brendon enjoys barbecuing and loves the way food tastes and the easiness of cooking over an open flame. Brendon has about 60 to 80 BBQ’s a year and when he moved to England 4 years ago had a bet with a few English lads that he couldn’t do 100 BBQ’s in a year, and boy were they wrong! He managed to do all 100 BBQ’s with photos as proof.

Brendon likes to keep everything easy, fast and let the flavours of the fresh food do all the talking. Since moving to England from New Zealand, Brendon has found quite a few people that don’t realise how easy barbecuing is and thought” let’s show them how easy it is”. Giving them a place where they can ask questions and look up recipes just about barbecuing is what Brendon’s goal is. Have a look, read a recipe, watch a blog, or ask a question! Let’s start barbecuing.



Henning’s Wine are our wine sponsors, helping us pair the perfect wine with the meal. Henning’s was established in 1960 by Charles Henning in Pulborough when he opened the first shop, since then the company has opened another 4 shops in various locations across West Sussex. Since opening Charles recruited son Ted and grandson Matthew.




mays butchers

May’s of Stockbridge, are our meat sponsors. Helping us source the best quality meats for our BBQ’s. Located in Stockbridge, just on the outskirts of Chichester, May’s is owned by Master Butcher, Victor May who has over 50 year’s experience within the industry. Working closely with Lord Cowdray, May’s include gluten free meats, and have something for everyone!