Barbecue Gadgets and Essentials

We’re obsessed with the latest kitchen and cooking gadgets here at BBQ Tips HQ. From wireless bluetooth meat thermometers to a flameless smoking set, there are hundreds of fun gizmos to help you take your BBQ to the next level. Grill baskets in various shapes and sizes are always handy to have around as well as grill cleaning brushes, anything to make life a little easier. All of these gadgets and gizmos work as great present ideas for the foodie in your life, you may just need a bigger kitchen to fit it all in!


Coolskin Oven Gloves

Let’s start with less of a gadget and more of an essential. Kitchen mitts are a bit of a pain and don’t often give you the real grip you need – these solve all of those problems. Amazingly simple but makes so much sense. No more burns on your fingers or hands.


Quarter Pounder Burger Press

For those that love a homemade burger more than anything. Quarter pounder size, this is the ultimate mould for creating your signature burger. A quick and easy one to make beautifully and consistently shaped meat, fish or veggie burgers.


Meater Smart Wireless Food Thermometer

Such an amazing tool, you can get the thermometer to notify your phone when your meat is cooked to perfection. Technological advancements serving us very well here. Gadgets at their finest.


Stainless Steel BBQ Smoker Box

This is a cheap but accessible way to get into smoking. It’s the easiest way to enjoy authentic smoked meat, fish, poultry and vegetables. Simply fill the smoke box with pre-soaked wood chips and place it below your barbecue’s food rack. As it gets hot, it smokes and infuses your food with those distinctive aromas and flavours. You can use it on gas barbecues, as well as traditional charcoal barbecues.


Metal BBQ Grill Cleaning Brush

The reality is that you have to clean your grill and BBQ after use and it isn’t a particularly fun task, but we can thoroughly recommend this cleaning brush as it has three separate brushes so it is three for the price and hard work of one. It is a universal grill brush that can be used with multiple gas grill, charcoal grill, smoker grill, porcelain grill, infrared grill and so on.


Cast Iron Grill/Bacon Press

Bacon Presses can also be used: to flatten grilled sandwiches, hamburger patties, sausage patties, French toast, it is an endless list – up to you to use your imagination. It can also be used on the BBQ to quick-cook meats on both sides at the same time. A handy tool.


Weber Original Large Grill Basket

An essential when using your smoker as the design allows the smoke to penetrate fully. Another handy one to have around that makes life a little easier.


Natural ECO Firelighters

Every little helps when it comes to looking after the environment and these fire lighters help start the show without all the harsh chemicals. An easy swap to do your bit.


Outdoor Grill LED Lights 

These are a winner if you love having a barbie whatever the weather or season. The perfect present for the keen griller.


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