Freddie Kruger’s BBQ Suggestions

Have you ever thought about what kind of BBQ your favourite scary movie character would host? No? Well, for us, it’s something that crosses our minds on the daily.

What kind of event would Freddie Kruger throw for his mates when he’s not out scaring the neighbourhood? Here’s what we think he would suggest for the best Halloween BBQ:

  • Pumpkins, pumpkins, and more pumpkins – A great way to get your kids involved in the event: get them to carve pumpkins!
  • Scary decorations – There’s no shortage of scary Halloween accessories out there, so go ahead and decorate your garden with that giant life sized skeleton you’ve undoubtedly always wanted to complete your garden.
  • Dress up – Ask guests to come in their best Halloween costume, and make sure you dress up too!
  • Scary Films – If you’ve got a projector, it could be great fun to play scary films on the screen throughout the event. Whether you want the movies as background noise, or you plan to sit down and watch the films with your guests – it will really add to the horror vibe.
  • Noises and soundtrack – If you, like many of us, don’t have access to a projector, try playing a spooky soundtrack during your BBQ. A simple soundtrack of occasional ‘woooos’ (this is supposed to be the sound a ghost makes, if you couldn’t tell) and owl hoots will send chills up your guests spines.
  • Lay out your food in a creepy arrangement. Take a look at the pictures below for our favourite food arrangement ideas, as well as other spooky inspiration.

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