Effective ways to clean your BBQ grill

The least fun part of any BBQ gathering, is to clean up at the end once everyone has gone and the party is over!

Aside from the obvious cif and hot soapy water, here are some alternative and natural ways to keep your BBQ grill sparkling clean without too much hassle.

The benefit of these techniques compared to your basic store bought detergent is that they contain no chemicals and are easily accessible items found within the home.


White Vinegar

Not only can you use this condiment to season your BBQ food, it can also be used as an effective cleanser. Dilute half a bottle of vinegar with water to a 50/50 ratio. Spray over the grill and leave to soak for 10-15 minutes – then scrub using a hard bristle brush.


Bicarbonate of soda

Baking soda is a great multi-purpose cleaning agent; It has many properties, from treating heartburn to whitening teeth, but it also makes a great detergent for removing dirt and grime. Dissolve 2 tablespoons of the soda onto a wet sponge. The abrasive paste should strip away the grease. Warning: Only use this on the grill and not the exterior to prevent damage.



Not many of us would waste our beer on a hot summers day to use as a cleaning agent, but it does the job. Pour the beer over the grill and let it soak for 10 minutes. Then scrub with a wire brush and watch the dirt fall away.



The high acidity in lemons make them a natural disinfectant as well as a garnish for cocktails! Cut a lemon in half and sprinkle a dash of salt on both ends. Scrub the grill with the lemon ends. Make sure you wear gloves for this one as lemon juice will string any tiny graze on your hands.


Top Tips

The best time to start cleaning is when the grill is still mildly hot. This helps the tough bits of food fall off easier.

Heat your BBQ up for 15 minutes after the cleaning is done. This will ensure that all the residue of cleaning products burn off, preventing a dodgy aftertaste next time you cook on it!


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