Easter Event for the Family to Enjoy

Easter doesn’t have to just be fun for the kids. Try putting on an Easter BBQ for all of the family to enjoy.


  • Do an Easter egg hunt, but for adults – leave a trail of clues around the garden helping your guests find where the treats are hiding.
  • Crack out the fun and games – get out Twister, giant chess, Jenga etc and invite the family over for some fun.
  • Tie yellow and duck egg coloured ribbons to the trees around the garden to make it feel extra Easter-y.
  • Get your friends and relatives to decorate hats in an Easter theme – They can then where them to your BBQ and you can judge the best hat. The best hat wins a prize!
  • Potato sack races – This is bound to create some laughs.
  • Buy a tennis net and play some rounds with your family. You don’t need to invest in an entire tennis court to have some fun with this one. A simple tennis net, rackets and balls will suffice.
  • Children’s Easter egg hunt – this one is obvious.
  • Face painting stand – ask your most creatively inclined relative to offer up their skills for the event. They can paint faces with Easter-themed colours and drawings.
  • Bracelet making for the children (or adults!) – Have a table set up where children can create bracelets. This will keep them busy whilst the adults have a catch up, and save them from getting bored whilst their food is cooking.

Have a great Easter!

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