Bonfire Night Barby!

Is there anything that screams s’mores and gathering around a fire-pit with your friends more than November 5th?

It’s also the perfect excuse to a host an exciting BBQ. Here are our tips towards having yourself a great Guy Fawkes Night.

Send out those invites!

There is always an abundance of fun things to do on Bonfire Night, so make sure your guests know well in advance about your BBQ. You’ll probably want to know how many people plan to attend so that you can get the right amount of food. Add an easy way to respond to your invitation by way of RSVP. A Facebook event can be the easiest way to invite guests as well as the easiest way for them to signify their attendance.

Decide what to cook

Our favourite bonfire night BBQ is anyone that involves sausages and cider! We feel these are the perfect seasonally relevant and tasty treats to spoil your guests. Decide what you want to cook in advance, and have a practice at cooking them if you feel you need to. Having an idea of how many guests are coming will be crucial here, as you don’t want to waste food or leave any guests hungry.

Prep your Guy Fawkes traditions

If you’re planning on having your own fireworks, then great, more power to you! Be sure to follow safety advice.

If, however, you plan on checking out a local display, then we suggest making this known to guests in advance. This way, they know what to expect and will be wearing the right attire if they will need to walk a long way to a display, or will be staying out in the cold for a while.

You’ll also need to make sure your guests aren’t super hungry for the display. Those growling stomachs won’t be heard over the bang of fireworks and cheers from the crowd, so ensure they’re fed and happy in advance.

Make your garden a visual feast

We’ve got lots of ideas on how to make your garden beautiful over on our news page, but here are our essential tips:

  • Provide shelter – the time of year means that you will need an area for your guests to shelter in if the weather takes a turn for the worst.
  • Don’t leave your BBQ unattended – we suggest having food and BBQ essentials presented neatly on display. This means you won’t need to keep running back and forth to the kitchen and risk the little ones playing with your BBQ.
  • Lights – it’ll probably get dark quickly, so we suggest taking a look at our favourite lighting inspo to ensure guests can see what they’re eating.
  • Seating – Your guests are going to want somewhere to sit and enjoy the meal. It can also be a long evening if you’re waiting for a local fireworks display to start. Make sure you’ve got enough seating so your guests don’t end up with achy legs.

So there you have it! If you’ve read this far, you’re already on your way to Bonfire Night BBQ to remember. Send us pictures of your BBQ event to our Facebook page.

Have fun and stay safe!