Beetroot, Bacon & Cheeseburgers

This week’s recipe of the week is our simple but bloomin’ tasty Beetroot, Bacon & Cheeseburger! We don’t know anyone out there that doesn’t like a good old burger…in fact, in the US, 50 billion burgers are eaten every year meaning an average of 3 burgers a week per person! 

The best thing about a burger is you can be as creative as you want with it. We have even had Aubergine with our burger before, we know that sounds weird but don’t knock it till you try it!

The addition of Beetroot to the cheeseburger was one we would go with again, it added some colour which just made us want to devour the it even quicker!


500g Beef mince meat

4 brioche buns

1 tomato

4 rashers of bacon

Jar of beetroot

4 slices of mature cheddar cheese (or your preferred cheese)

1 bag of mixed salad leaves

2 tablespoons of olive oil

A sprinkle of sea salt and pepper

Serves: 4

Prep time: 15

Cook time: 10

Difficulty level: 4/10


  1. Start by gathering the beef into a bowl and add your olive oil, sea salt and pepper.
  2. Mix and shape to form burger patties.
  3. Let them set for around 10 minutes.
  4. Slice the tomato into circles so they can sit nicely on top of the patty.
  5. Once set, place the burgers onto the BBQ, and cook these to your desired rarity. When the burgers are nearly done, place your slices of cheese on top so they melt nicely into the burger.
  6. Whilst the burgers are cooking you can also start cooking the bacon which will need 5-7 minutes depending how crispy you like it.
  7. Whilst they are cooking slice your buns in half and toast them lightly on the BBQ (if you have space, if not put them in the toaster.)
  8. Start forming your burger by placing the bacon onto the patty, followed by tomato beetroot and salad leaves.
  9. Your work of art is ready to be eaten!

What is the most unique burger filling you tried before? We’re sure there are some belters out there! Be sure to send in some of your pics for a chance to be featured!

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