BBQS around the world

If you want to make your BBQ more exotic from the standard burgers and sausages, or you want to host a Eurovision BBQ then take a look at these popular cultural dishes for some around the world inspiration.



Yakitori Chicken
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Sushi aside – these chicken skewers are a popular dish in Japanese street food vendors. Yakitori is pierced on skewers made from bamboo, steel and other materials. It is then grilled over white charcoal and is commonly seasoned with sugar and soy sauce for a sweet and tangy taste. Nicely served with grilled asparagus or tempura vegetables.




This recipe requires thinly cut slices of beef marinated in a flavorsome sauce and cooked slowly on a grill. The sauce is made up from brown sugar, soy sauce, pear, garlic, ginger and sesame. This gives the beef a mixture of nutty, sweet and savory flavors. This is often served with Korean steamed rice and a mixture of vegetables.



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A spicy meat skewer made up of any meat you wish – chicken, beef, ram, liver or kidneys. It is marinated in a  various spices and peanut oil. Suya spice can be bought in shops, however It is more traditional to prepare it homemade by grounding some peanuts up, then adding paprika, ginger and onion powder.



Fish fish fish

For a region that loves fish and seafood, it is no surprise that salmon fillets are popular to serve up during BBQ. A popular dish is grilled salmon fillets with an apple and mustard dressing. The sauce is made by cutting up apples into small chunks, and whisking it in a food processor with lemon juice, olive oil, raisons and mustard. This dish is best served with crusty bread and potato salad.




Grilled balsamic mushrooms & Polenta is a classic Italian take on BBQ food. This can be served with a popular alongside a popular appetizer called Bruschetta – considered a Spanish & Italian staple. It can be made simply by toasting bread on the grill and adding olive oil, salt and garlic. Fresh tomato puree, beans or cheeses can also be added on top, making it a versatile vegetarian snack.

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