BBQ Wood Burners – Our Top 5

After the wet and windy weather that we have recently been having we thought we’d try and get more people barbecuing in the windy weather.

A great alternative for the winter month is investing in an outdoor pizza oven. This is a great option as its fun for kids (and adult too) and can be a quick and easy home cooked meal. To help you out we have put together our top 5, covering a wide price range and sizes.


1. Jamie Oliver Dome60 Leggero Wood-Fired Oven – £1,450.00

Handcrafted in Italy, this is a brilliant wood-fire oven. Coming in at just under £1500 it’s not the cheapest on offer, but offering the most space out of our choices this is a must try from us!


2. Gas Pizza Oven Mini Table Top – £149.00

Gas Pizza Oven Mini Table Top

If you’re looking for something small and transportable then no need to look any further we have the perfect option! With a very quick heat-up time, which allows single pizza’s to be cooked in just 5 minutes. This is perfect to take on camping holidays and festivals!


3. Sol-y-Yo Pizza Oven – £139.95

Sol-y-Yo Pizza Oven

This terracotta wood oven is a perfect addition to any garden, it can fit easily onto a table or sit nicely on the ground. With a low price tag its perfect for beginners and advanced pizza cookers!


4. Domestic Wood Burning Oven – £2040 

Domestic Pizza Oven

This the perfect pizza oven for your party hosts! Being able to feed up to 80 people it’s perfect if you’re holding an event this summer! With a tiled terracotta floor, it can do casseroles as well as pizzas!

With a big price tag, it’s not for those with a small budget.


5. The Primo 60 GO – £799

Primo 60 GO

The Primo 60 Go is perfect for those real foodies, who really love to cook. This is a great investment if you’re a family of pizza lovers or a perfect addition to any garden. It’s not the cheapest out there however, this oven will last!