BBQ Hacks Bound to Impress

Make things a bit easier for yourself with some BBQ hacks that will not only save you time, but impress your guests as well!

Hosting a BBQ gathering is no easy task; Children running around, relatives you haven’t seen in a long time, neighbours you want to impress – it can be a stressful event to host. That’s why we’ve compiled our favourite BBQ hacks!

Serve Condiments in a Muffin Tin

By placing all of your usual BBQ condiments in a muffin tin, you can make your clean up time a lot shorter. The tin will make condiments easier to pass around, and also keep all of your sauces together so they’re easier to find when you run out of ketchup for your chips.

Check Your Grill for Hotspots with Sliced Bread

By placing a single layer of sliced bread over a grill on medium-high heat, you can establish where best to place foods such as veggies or meats. Cook the bread for about 90 seconds and then turn your grill off and inspect the bread to see where there are hot spots on your grill.

Two Skewers Are Better Than One

By cooking food with two skewers instead of one, you can ensure that pesky bit of meat of veg doesn’t keep spinning around when you turn the food to cook the other side. Two skewers offers extra stability so that you can easily cook both sides of your food.

Empty Egg Cartons Make for an Easy Fire-Starter

Fill an empty egg carton with charcoal bricks, light the carton and the bricks will catch alight too – it’s that easy! Plus, this nifty way of starting a fire saves some clean up for later.

Use Ice-cubes to Keep Burgers Moist

Place an ice-cube on the centre of the burger to keep it from hardening too much. You can do this whilst cooking the burgers – the ice will melt and keep the interior moist as it cooks.

Cooking Fish? Use Citrus Slices

Cook fish on top of slices of citrus fruit. Put the slices directly on top of the grill, then put the fish on top of the slices. Not only does this prevent the fish from sticking to the grill, but it will ensure your fish is full of flavour.

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