BBQ Brands to Watch

With so many brands out there claiming to have the best BBQ products on offer, how do you know which ones are legitimate?

We’ve compiled some of our favourite brands, so you can feel safe in the knowledge that they have BBQ Tips UK nod of approval.

Pole and Hunt

This brand of knives is absolutely stunning, and sure to bring some extra beauty to your BBQ. According to their website:

‘Pole and Hunt is a collaboration  between Alex Pole Ironwork and Holdsworth Hunt Knives.  
We make a wide range of utility and chef’s knives, and have a collection that will take you from the field to your kitchen.

Our knives are unique in that all materials are sourced from within the UK, and are made entirely in house.
​We are currently using apple wood from storm damaged trees found in the orchard next to the forge.

The beauty of a piece of wood often lies in its imperfections, so we like to work these into our handles, often using spalted wood which we stabilise in the workshop.

Our blades are made of forged EN42J steel, hardened to HRC59-61, and are left partially unground, giving each one a unique character.’


These gorgeous BBQs are destined to fill your guests with jealousy. With five different fire-bowls to choose from, as well as the option of many different accessories, Kadai are BBQ Tips UK’s go to for wowing our BBQ guests. Just take a look at these beauties (sourced from Kadai website):

The Big Green Egg, Inc

Another one guaranteed to impress your guests: The Big Green Egg. This unique looking BBQ is described as ‘kamado-style ceramic charcoal barbecue cooker’ and comes in five different sizes. The BBQ boasts a quick cooking time and an all-weather ability to cook to perfection.

Witloft Aprons

For aprons, we recommend no more than Witloft Aprons. According to the Witloft website:

‘The authentic WITLOFT aprons are made of high quality leather. The leather used is of Dutch origin and the aprons are made by hand giving each apron a unique look. As the leather lives and breathes, the aprons get more beautiful with time and wear.’

They even offer aprons for children, and the ability to design your own personal apron.

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