Barbecuing in Autumn

Autumn has come and hit us straight away! With the colder weather and the evenings drawing in earlier we know that it seems like the BBQ needs to be put away until the warmer spring/summer months next year.

We have decided to put together this blog in which you can incorporate grilling on your BBQ into these cosier autumn/winter months.

Incorporate Roasted Vegetables

Roasted Veg - Autumn

By grilling your vegetables, you can save on washing up as well as time. You can cut up your veg of chosen and rub it down with olive oil and salt and pepper and grill until you’re happy.

Try peppers and courgettes for a real autumnal side.



Pizza - Autumn

You don’t need to have a wood burning oven to grill your pizza. Simply make up your pizza base and top with all your favourites and place it in you BBQ for around 10-15 minutes to start. All BBQ’s are different so cooking times will vary.


Slow Cooking


Beef Brisket - Autumn

While your summer barbecue is about quick burgers and easy dishes autumn gives you a chance to really cook some real meat on the BBQ. Consider making dishes such as Beef Brisket which can be cooked and smoked over 16 hours in a BBQ’s such as the Kamado Joe.


Cold Smoke

Cold Smoke - Autumn

Consider using the cold days to smoke your own salmon or meat using equipment such as the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator, its simple design gives off no heat and a steady trail of smoke. All you need to do is simply place a tea light at the bottom corner and place in smoker. By adding different woods you’ll create different flavours.