An Autumn BBQ Affair

For the BBQ addicts out there: the party isn’t over because the sunshine went away. For those of you wanting an easy and fun get together with your mates: the party is just getting started.

Autumn can be the most aesthetically pleasing time to have a BBQ, perfect for fulfilling your Instagram posting needs as well as impressing your friends with your creativity.

So what can you do to please even the most hipster of your pals? Here’s our advice:

  • Blankets – You know the weather is likely to be freezing, so make sure you have an abundance of blankets to keep your guests from escaping the BBQ to sit indoors. We suggest checked blankets to really push the Autumn vibe.
  • Lighting – The right kind of lighting can really make a difference to the feel of your BBQ. Check out our favourite lighting ideas here
  • Spend time with your friends – It’s tempting to spend a lot of time hovering around the BBQ making sure your food is cooked to perfection. Your guests probably care more about spending time with you than they do about their food. So we suggest cooking something that doesn’t require much attention or effort. This way you can enjoy your BBQ with your guests.
  • Autumnal treats – Rum based drinks, sausages and beans, potatoes etc all make your guests tummy warm and cosy. Perfect for a chilly Autumn event.
  • Get the games out! – Remember your favourite games from when you were a kid? Get them out. Play apple-bobbing or catch the doughnut on a string with your mouth. This is sure to fulfil your guests nostalgia needs.
  • S’mores – It’s not physically possible to have a BBQ in Autumn without S’mores.


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